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Animated Explainer: The Power of Storytelling

Dan Richards Jul 23, 2019 Scroll to read in 3 minutes

Stories have been an integral part of our history and culture with records dating back to cave drawings. Storytelling is a vehicle for information as well as an opportunity for entertainment. Stories inspire emotion, feeling and powerfully engage an audience.

Here at our animation studio, we love telling stories through animation. We pride ourselves on working with brands to tell their own. As well as telling stories, animation can break down complex topics and timelines using simple illustrations.

In recent years, animated explainers have been helping people to communicate their brand’s messages in new and exciting ways. In what way though does having a narrative help communicate a message? This blog will hopefully highlight some of the benefits weaving story and messaging together can have in an animated explainer film.

Animated Explainer 02

1. Information Retention

By presenting facts, figures and information about your product in the form of a story, an audience is more likely to retain the information given to them. Key events in the narrative give people a reference point to which to connect your personal information. Therefore, the more interesting your story is, the more likely people will remember it! The interweaving of story and facts makes it more and more likely for facts and narrative to be associated together.

2. Emotional Connection

One thing is certain amongst all people, and that is if you connect and care about something, you are more likely to remember things about it. This is because they will associate the material with the enjoyment they got from each aspect of your film. People retain knowledge about their favourite films and franchises because of emotional investment. Advertising companies also use this technique, as it helps to create a brand that people want to talk about. You want your explainer story to be told to others! By adding an emotional element to your explainer, people are more likely to connect with your brand and subsequently share it with others.

3. Easy to Understand

There is a predominant structure that has proven to be one of the simplest ways for stories to be presented. Having a clear beginning, middle and end to your story creates a strong and clear arc that is easy to follow. The average attention span of a person is said to be around eight seconds, so it is important to gain the interest of the viewer almost immediately. By setting up a situation in your explainer, this gives people more reasons to keep watching, as they will want the closure of experiencing the story until the end.

4. Appealing Characters

Humans naturally see connections. Whether it is with friends, family or characters, people are naturally drawn to others. Having an interesting and relatable central character, people will commit your brand to memory. It also allows for lots of opportunities to get creative with your story. Another great thing is that this character doesn’t even have to be human! Having an object as the main character is equally effective if given the right story!

Having a character also gives people a point of focus throughout each explainer. They help the viewer connect with the story whilst also giving them someone who is experiencing it with them.

5. Creativity

Treat your explainer as a short film and the limits of what you can achieve are endless. If viewers can see that you are having fun with a story, then they will almost certainly have fun watching it unfold. There is so much opportunity to tell unique and fun stories with explainers as it is a resource that has yet to be fully tapped.

Animated Explainer Hero

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration when considering the power of an animated explainer film. They have the potential to tell such amazing and unique stories that make learning about you and your business fun and exciting.